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Hi, I'm SadeN, audiovisual artist & DJ.
Organizer of NEONYA!! Party and NEONYA!! Stream!
Freelancer for audiovisual works & programming.
Find me on!

You can get in touch with me via any socials or by email.



SadeN - Emergence

My debut Hardcore single in 2023!

TOMBI (SadeN Bootleg)

Bootleg remix of TOMBI, the opening theme of Trigun Stampede S1 by Kvi Baba.

KATACHI (かたち) (SadeN Bootleg)

SadeN - Katachi (Bootleg)

SadeN's bootleg progressive house remix of Katachi, the ending theme from Made In Abyss season 2.

Moe Shop - Love Taste (SadeN Remix)

Remix of Love Taste by Moe Shop from a while ago.

Hardcore/Breakcore DJ Clip, Halloween 2022

Hardtek/Breakcore DJ Set, Tropical Rave 2022

Hardtek/Breakcore DJ Set, Halloween 2021

Tracks In The Wild

Beast In Black - One Night In Tokyo

I did the sound design and SFX work for Beast In Black's music video “One Night In Tokyo”. Released by Nuclear Blast in 2021.

Our Wonderland (Trailer)

Edited the launch trailer for an indie Visual Novel titled “Our Wonderland” by Carrot Patch Games.

SadeN - Planet

Released a single called “Planet”.

SadeN - Tracking Device

Released a post-rock soundtrack piece called “Tracking Device”.

SadeN - Ragequit

Released a single called “Ragequit”. Industrial soundtrack metal reminiscent of 90's shooter games.

Rabbit Junk - Gravity Hero (Sadenia Remix)

I remixed Rabbit Junk's song “Gravity Hero”. Released by Glitch Mode Recordings on “Now That's What I Call Angry Robot Music 2019”.

Moe Shop - Love Taste (SadeN Remix)

Remixed Moe Shop's “Love Taste”.

Castle Of Glass (Sadenia Remix)

Remixed Linkin Park's “Castle of Glass”.

The Kids Aren't Alright (SadeN Remix)

Oedo Controller (SadeN Remix)

Remixed Yunomi's “Oedo Controller” featuring Toriena.